to Joan Oliver for spending time organising a raffle &  managing to raise £235 for GoPI3Ks


Goes to Mr & Mrs Reid, the family of Mandy Powell (a GoPI3Ks member) who instead of asking for presents for the big 80, people donated raffle prizes & the money was given to GoPI3Ks



In February 2019 I (Mandy) decided to run a fundraiser for my birthday. So instead of receiving gifts, I raffled two £20 Vue cinema vouchers & asked people to donate to GoPI3Ks the charity. This was done via social media & word of mouth.  A fabulous  amount of £720 was raised & 2 happy people enjoyed their cinema visit.

Also in February we received

an extremely generous

donation of £450

from Sue Rowlands

In May I was lucky enough to be invited by my friend Rachel Toner who runs P.R Music Tuition to attend the Darwen Live music festival. Here her students spent an afternoon performing various songs. I was able to have the chance to address the audience to tell them about PROS & GoPI3Ks, also to be able to hand out GoPI3Ks leaflets. We were also able to raise a wonderful £136.11 for GoPI3

In May we ran an online auction to

sell some items that had been

kindly donated from one of

Madonna’s tours. We had a tour

hoodie & a tour cap. We raised

£51.99 for these two items.

Following a grant application

to St James’ Place (thanks

to Kerry Hockaday for

the introduction) GoPI3Ks

were given a grant for £1,000.

Here is Kerry & Amelia with

Our cheque.

An online auction in July raised £122 by auctioning two kindly donated tennis items. We had an official Wimbledon program signed by such tennis stars as Federer, Novak, Venus Williams & more. We also had a t-shirt signed by Andy Murray from his appearance at the SSE in Glasgow.



  • I ran an online birthday fundraiser to raise money for GoPI3Ks.

  • Every person that donated was placed in to a raffle to win one of the following items:

  • This year we raised OVER £1,000

One of our supporters

Jet was very kind to hold a birthday fundraiser

Online raising the fab total of: £111

My lovely friend Kerry

decided for her birthday

to raise money for GoPI3Ks.

She raised a fabulous: £90



Donations from some generous people who recommended GoPI3Ks through Charitable programs on PayPal, eBay, GoFundMe, Facebook, Humble Bundle etc raised a total of:  £95

On FRIDAY 4th DECEMBER just before the I’m a Celebrity final, my friend Kerry decided she wanted to raise money for GoPI3Ks. So Kerry’s sponsored Bush Tucker Trial was born.

With her target’s set, how much would people pay to see her eat an array of dried bugs & yummy dishes:

  • £50 raised saw her chomping on MEALWORMS!
  • £100 raised & next came the CHILLI!
  • £150 raised & it was on to the CRICKETS!
  • £200 raised & it was time for a yummy LOCUST! 
  • £300 some BLENDED VOMIT FRUIT EXTRACT with water was drunk!
  • £400 she ate a CENTURY EGG (fermented egg)
  • £500 Lastly was FISH EYE
  • Extra money raised during the trial meant eating BRAINS.

You can see Kerry’s Bush Tucker Trial here by signing in to Facebook: Kerry’s Bush Tucker Trial